Procuring GARRLab credentials

To access GARRLab services you need GARRLab SSO credentials.
To gain SSO credentials:

  • Contact an admin and communicate a nickname and email address of preference

  • After your account has been enabled you’ll need to generate a secret password by starting the account recovery process

  • Once you got your password set you’ll need to setup a 2FA device, as it is required to login to most services


For the 2FA setup step you’ll need a TOTP 2FA client.
If you don’t have one yet, here are some suggestions: iOS, Android, PC.


Some services aren’t linked to the SSO system or require higher security levels, so they’ll need dedicated credentials.
Contact an admin when you’ll need them.

Accessing services

After getting your account setup you’ll want to catch on documentation to understand how to move in GARRLab.
In particular is useful to read the "Start Here" section.

For a quick overview of available services you can consult the related page.